A summary of "The Yellow Wallpaper":

The main character, Elisa, starts to descend into madness while she and her family are staying at a lonely colonial mansion. Throughout the story, she feels that she is not being allowed enough freedom to work and is instead being forced to stay in her room by her husband, John. During long periods in her room alone, she traces the pattern of the yellow wallpaper for hours. She also begins to imagine that there is a trapped woman behind the wallpaper. At the end of the story, she says that she has got out of the room, in spite of her husband. She also says that she has ripped off most of the wallpaper, so they cannot put her back. This means that she feels that she is the woman behind that wallpaper, and she refuses to go back in the room.

I hope you enjoyed my summary! Be sure to read the entire book if you liked it!

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